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  • This One Is on You

    This One Is on You

    A short story written in 2018 It’s been five minutes since you pulled the car over, though I can’t tell if you were too enraged to drive or too hurt. If you were mad at yourself or me? If you were sorry or sorry for yourself? I’m looking at you and must realize you’ve become…

  • Vintage TV

    Vintage TV

    First published on: collective.casa People make it a point to put me in a box — maybe I put myself there, too. A box; a square with an image in the middle; a screen in which they see me as they think I am. However, no two people see the same colours in it nor…

  • “Colours”


    i believe in giving people space, so they can truly be themselves. i want them to show me their true colours, their real values, all of their layers. the face they hide beneath the one painted on them by others in the colours of perception & judgment. for we tend to try to live up…

  • Glow


    Dear lover, i search for your glow in their eyes.                                    i never find it. -veronika foer

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