• Shop “Dear Lover” – Poetry Book

    Shop “Dear Lover” – Poetry Book

  • Be Safe

    Be Safe

    Dear Lover, i say “be safe” whenever you go out for whatever happens to you happens to me, too. – veronika foer

  • box – a poem

    box – a poem

    my life – a box and the walls made of you you were the one to decide  what went in  what could get out how shaky it would get or calm I tried to climb    you pushed me down when I was too still   you would pin your words   into my flesh  tear…

  • Paris


    Dear Lover, you keep saying we should go to paris and i always laugh because paris is wherever we are. – veronika foer image by: instagram.com/lodette

  • “Colours”


    i believe in giving people space, so they can truly be themselves. i want them to show me their true colours, their real values, all of their layers. the face they hide beneath the one painted on them by others in the colours of perception & judgment. for we tend to try to live up…

  • Moments


    Dear lover, i never write about our greatest moments for they engrave in my memory, not in words, but in feelings. – veronika foer (featured picture by @yannickoetter)

  • Melody


    Dear lover, there is a melody in the way you speak and i never get tired of it. – veronika foer (featured picture by @yannickoetter)

  • Glow


    Dear lover, i search for your glow in their eyes.                                    i never find it. -veronika foer

  • void – a poem

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