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  • Shop “Dear Lover” – Poetry Book

    Shop “Dear Lover” – Poetry Book

  • Be Safe

    Be Safe

    Dear Lover, i say “be safe” whenever you go out for whatever happens to you happens to me, too. – veronika foer

  • Paris


    Dear Lover, you keep saying we should go to paris and i always laugh because paris is wherever we are. – veronika foer image by: instagram.com/lodette

  • Moments


    Dear lover, i never write about our greatest moments for they engrave in my memory, not in words, but in feelings. – veronika foer (featured picture by @yannickoetter)

  • Melody


    Dear lover, there is a melody in the way you speak and i never get tired of it. – veronika foer (featured picture by @yannickoetter)

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