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  • Interview: Feeling, but out loud.

    Interview: Feeling, but out loud.

    First Published on PureNowhere on 30th October 2020 Honest. Intimate. Vulnerable.  This is how singer-songwriter Alayna would describe her music in three words. And her listeners probably agree.  “My softness is my superpower,“ Alayna sings in her song, “Tender.” Sometimes being vulnerable with friends and family can already be tough, but Alayna makes a point…

  • Healing – Article by Veronika Foer

    Healing – Article by Veronika Foer

    Healing: starting from scratch without starting from scratch. We never know, what will happen next.  We never know, if we will still be here tomorrow, or if someone else will. And, we never know how we feel about something until we feel it. Life is almost as if you are reading your favourite book. Every…

  • Vintage TV

    Vintage TV

    First published on: People make it a point to put me in a box — maybe I put myself there, too. A box; a square with an image in the middle; a screen in which they see me as they think I am. However, no two people see the same colours in it nor…

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