The C-Word

there’s a virus outside, so they say stay inside.

streets have become a still picture,

parked cars and buildings – no people, no movement:

the wind has lost it’s feeling,

it cannot grace anyone’s skin anymore.

our screens are filled with news,

as our heads are confused

what to read and what to believe.

stay calm and breath.

maybe it will pass like a gentle breeze

maybe it will become a hectic storm,

but for both cases:

take care of yourself

so you can take care of others too,

not only in emergency’s and times of uncertainty –

but let this be a reminder

that we are here to look out for one another, always.

there’s no way to turn around the facts

and make all of this go away just like that,

but panic and stress will not shorten the process.

if you’re scared, reach out to someone and talk.

if someone tells you they are concerned, don’t judge them.

all of us feel and think differently.

from the bottom of my heart i hope you and your loved ones

are feeling okay and well – i don’t want to say that the media

is only hyping all of this up or actually undermining it,

you’ve got to know for yourself.

don’t know what to tell you – only trying to put a gentle reminder of being compassionate to one another, out there, as we should be even without all of this going on.

If you’re staying inside: make art, read that book, cook that meal, call that friend, call that family member, learn that song, paint that empty canvas, play those video games, water your plants, pat your pets, feed your goldfish, surf the web about how to surf so you can try it out at the beach once this passes xx

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