i believe in giving people space, so they can truly be themselves.

i want them to show me their true colours, their real values, all of their layers. the face they hide beneath the one painted on them by others in the colours of perception & judgment. for we tend to try to live up to the expectations of the people around us, more than we live up to our own expectations. perhaps, we are shy or we are scared of rejection. what if they do not like me? what if i am not what they want me to be?

what will happen if i no longer bend for social situations?

when i unapologetically live my truth, will anyone still want me?

but i want to know the real version which lingers within me – within them.

i want them to shine, to glow as if i weren’t around.

i want the ocean of thought they have, flow out of their mouth with ease, without them having to think about it twice.

and their movement should be like the wind, carefree and natural.

most times, i find light within people – it glistens in their eyes and glows around them.

but other times, my hands are drenched in black…for the sad truth is, that some have lost their light along their way and you cannot safe them. and if you give them too much space, you might find them invading your own – painting it black until you become like them.

devoid of light and yet convinced that theirs shines brighter than anyone else’s.

believe people when they show you their true colours,

even if they are not the ones you wanted to see them painted in.

– veronika foer





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